Economics, Blockchains, Decentralized Networks

Hello, I’m Young

Hey, I'm Young. I was an investor at Multicoin and Folius Ventures. Before that, I was an on-chain wizard at Nansen. I also spent two years as a Lieutenant in the Singapore Armed Forces. I currently angel-invest.

I occassionally code and I attentively write. If you're building or investing, drop me a text.



  • Panoptic: Solving the DeFi's Perennial Option Problem
  • A Thesis for TreasureDAO
  • Keep3r Network
  • On Decentralized Stablecoins
  • Uniswap V3 Market Making
  • Breaking into Web3.0
  • Econ

  • The consequences of Fiscal Stimulus in response to COVID-19 (Global 1st)
  • Optimal Government Intervention in Singapore's Digital Economy (National 3rd)